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NomiS | Socially Just

Imagine if Ron Sider or Jim Wallis or John Howard Yoder were hip-hop artists. Okay, maybe those names won’t mean anything to people in the culture from which NomiS springs. So, let me start over… Imagine if MLK and Malcolm X c…

Kirk Franklin | Losing My Religion

While “Losing My Religion” offers new songs, it doesn’t really offer anything novel. With a few exceptions, this is a typical Kirk Franklin album.

John Mark McMillan | Live at the Knight

“Live at The Knight” certainly fits in the “best of” category.

Bizzle | Surrender

Surrender is a progression for Bizzle. He is taking a cue from the trends in both the mainstream and CHH world.

Andy Mineo | Uncomfortable

Ultimately, “Uncomfortable” is a disappointment.

Nichole Nordeman | The Unmaking EP

On occasion, I will hop on Twitter and express my lament that Nichole Nordeman has not put out any new music in quite some time. (Ten years, if you don’t count her Christmas single, “Real.” But, who’s keeping track, really?) Th…

NF | Mansion

“Mansion” is a decent first outing by this Michigan native.

Ghost Ship | Costly

“Costly” is a simple album. It doesn’t try too hard to lose the listener in poetry and double meanings. These are straightforward expressions, meant to be easily grasped and sang by the church.

Josh Wilson | That Was Then, This Is Now

Josh Wilson is clearly comfortable in the CCM niche he’s created for himself. Fans of artists like Steven Curtis Chapman, Matthew West, and Brandon Heath will certainly enjoy the music.

Toby Mac | This Is Not a Test

In recent years, I have not been a fan of Toby Mac. He has consistently been hailed by other Christians as “one of the best Christian artists alive.” My disdain for overselling an artist has often clouded my ability to l…

The Brilliance | Brother

The Brilliance is contemplative worship at its finest. It’s both whimsical and holy, a difficult combination to balance.

Tony Tillman | Camden

“Camden” is easily the best Christian hip-hop album to drop in 2015.

Kristene DiMarco | Mighty

DiMarco is a seasoned worship leader who knows how to lead while simultaneously disappearing into the worship event.

Flame | Forward

“Forward” is cultural apologetics set to lyrics.

Joy Williams | Venus

Longtime fans of The Civil Wars won’t be disappointed. The production is top notch, the lyrics are crisp, and nothing really feels out of place here.

Derek Minor | Empire

Derek Minor is a veteran and sometimes veterans do what veterans do: Show us how it’s done.

Misty Edwards | Little Bird

I want to say that I actually hate it, but I also don’t want to be mean. But, the fact of the matter is, I hate almost everything about this project.
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