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Better All The Time

This book gives people like me, from small quiet families, a great peek into the life of a large, loud family. I loved reading about ordinary people experiencing real-life dilemmas.

Falling For Texas

Jill Lynn writes with the perfect blend of sass, humor, passion, and honesty.

A Heart’s Disguise

I was pleasantly surprised. I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did.

Finding Me

I love finding stories that not only captivate my interest and entertain me but also force me to look deep inside myself. This is one of those books.

The Tomb

I will never look at Jesus, Lazarus, Mary and Martha the same way again. This book captured my heart.

An Amish Cradle

I don’t often read novellas, but I was excited to have something light to read and this collection delivered!

Betting on Hope

Clopton quickly escalated the tension with a few challenging words and plopped her characters in the middle of a hilarious, no-way-out mess.

Dreaming Spies

Apart from the disappointing few scenes at the finish, this book is a lovely, leisurely, and literary read, full of exotic places and fascinating people.

Hidden Agenda

Well written and suspenseful, this book will have readers turning pages until the end.

The Last Heiress

A great beach read for those who do not want to be heavily engaged in an intricately plotted storyline.

My Heart Stood Still

This book has a great deal of action and tension. Humor laced throughout kept it from becoming overly tense.

The Pharaoh’s Daughter

I was lost two chapters in . . . I could not keep the characters or the storyline straight for very long.

Reluctantly Charmed

Bridget Jones meets Harry Potter meets Darby O’Gill in this saucy, laugh-out-loud funny debut novel!

The Accidental Empress

Apart from the intriguing information about the Hapsburg royal court and some well-crafted and exquisitely detailed narration, “The Accidental Empress” is too long, too inconsistent, and too fast and loose with historical facts…

Hazardous Homecoming

I got so involved in the story I was going back and forth trying to guess at the ‘truth’ of who was responsible for taking Alice twenty years earlier.

The Shopkeeper’s Daughter

Hard-core fans of World War II fiction set in Britain may find enough here, as I did, to make this read worthwhile, if not entirely enjoyable or memorable.

Deadly Echoes

This was a well-written suspense novel that I will definitely be buying for my own bookshelf.


With its complex storyline and rich detail, this outstanding young adult debut will appeal to adults as well as its intended demographic.

Sisters of Shiloh

A refreshing take on the Civil War, the bonds of sisterhood, and the bondage of love.

Rise of the Fallen

I loved this book. It held my attention, opened my mind to a truly unique story and made me think.
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