The Nerdy Theologian | The Love of God
It takes a long time for the gospel to filter its way through a human person where every aspect of who they are is colored by the person of Jesus.

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The Nerdy Theologian | Parenting Makes the World Real
It took the birth of my son to teach me to mourn the death of someone I did not know because they were known by God and loved by him.

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The Nerdy Theologian | He Has Overcome
When the world persecutes us, we must remember that the world fights in a battle with a predetermined outcome.

The Nerdy Theologian | The Right Line of Questioning
It is interesting to note how different God reacts to certain lines of questioning and not to others.

The Nerdy Theologian | Making Jesus Facepalm
Christians are far from perfect, but if we are to be called to the floor, it should be done in a responsible intelligent way.

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The Nerdy Theologian | Christianity the Consumer Product, Part 3
Carpet color, worship style, and method have absolutely nothing to do with whether a church is being faithful to the call of God.

The Engagement | 5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To
So, since I know you’re all already listening to TCM’s The Jacob Sessions Podcast, take some time out to check out these other great podcasts as well. You won’t be sorry!
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The Engagement | 4 Reasons Why I Stopped Debating on Social Media
Spending an inordinate amount of time debating significant matters in a medium not conducive to it is a largely ineffective endeavor.

The Nerdy Theologian | Christianity the Consumer Product, Part 2
Instead of asking the question, “What does this church offer?” you should ask, “What can I offer this church?”

The Nerdy Theologian | Christianity the Consumer Product, Part 1
Instead of Christian faith discerning what is and is not ok in accord with God’s word, secular theories and methodologies are judging whether God’s word is true.

The Nerdy Theologian | Against Tribalism , Part 3
I think it’s time we get back to doing what God has empowered us to do in the Holy Spirit and allow the Him to change the rest in His good timing.

The Nerdy Theologian | Against Tribalism, Part 2
Throughout American history, white churches have traditionally fallen on the wrong side of history.

The Nerdy Theologian | Against Tribalism, Part 1
Satan is winning…and we are letting him.

The Nerdy Theologian | Is Death Natural?
Death was defeated in Christ, if this is so…then those who follow Christ as co-heirs with Him also have victory over death.

The Nerdy Theologian | Fatherhood: What I Wasnt Prepared For
God gave His Son to us. I had never understood the ramifications of that as a father. Holding my son in that moment helped me to realize how fearful I am of the things in the world that could hurt him…

The Nerdy Theologian | Does submission = obedience?
Peter clearly points us to understanding that we are indeed called to be subject to even unjust authorities, and that to endure such suffering is to share with Christ in His suffering.
Extremism Evil
The Nerdy Theologian | Is Extremism Evil?
There is nothing moderate about Christian faith — it is extreme through and through.

The Nerdy Theologian | What It Means to Forgive
The further in my walk with the Lord I have come . . . the longer I have recognized that God’s calling upon our lives is a difficult thing. We are not called to live comfy lives, where our comfort zones are not breached and we …

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