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By C. E. Moore


David Crowder is that guy who you have to be jealous of—if not of his musical prowess, then of his relationship with Jesus Christ. After the success of his last album A Collision (and side project B Collision), the David Crowder Band has returned with 10 worshipful tracks in the form of Remedy. And, once again, fans will not be disappointed.

Kicking things off with the track, “For The Glory Of It All,” Crowder sets the tone of the entire album by placing himself and the listener squarely in the position of “creature” worshipping the “Creator.” Establishing that God has been, is, and forever will be, the listener is guided to a place of abject humility before a God who seeks his own glorification.

DCB turns things up a notch with the tracks, “Can You Feel It” and “…Neverending…’ For some reason, though, I’ve never been able to quite stomach Crowder’s faster tunes. Maybe it’s the fact that they quickly become staples in middle school ministries full of little boys that still sound like little girls with tons of energy to spare.

DCB is at their best on songs like, “Never Let Go,” “O, For A Thousand Tongues,” and “Surely We Can Change.” If one is content to just sit and listen to these ballads of God’s faithfulness, our inability to find the words to truly praise him as he is, and Jesus’ ability and willingness to change our hearts and lives, that is well and good. But, if you sit and think deeply on the words Crowder croons on Remedy, they will bring you to tears.

Unfortunately, for those who loved the bluegrass sounds of A Collision and B Collision, those influences seem to have been left by the wayside. Still, Remedy is well worth multiple listens, well worth the money, and well worth the wait.

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