Music Review: “The Long Fall Back To Earth”

Posted April 21st, 2009 by kyleakiekintveld in Music, Reviews.

jars-of-clay-the-long-fall-back-to-earth1By Kyle Kiekintveld





“The Long Fall Back To Earth” is an uplifting album. It is so positive that if it wasn’t so seamlessly produced it might be a turn off. Yet everything meshes together in a perfect blend of music, lyric and message. It will keep your head nodding along with it.

Jars of Clay have been around for long enough that this is their tenth studio album. The band has solidified its status as being one of the biggest bands in Christian Rock. It would of been easy for the band to come out with a bad album. This album is most certainly anything but a bad album.

Every song on the album is memorable. However, the biggest flaw of the album isn’t something most people would fault the band for. The album sounds like the typical Christian Rock album. This is partly because other bands have tried to sound like Jars of Clay, and partly because it just doesn’t seem to try to break new ground. This isn’t an overwhelming negative. The album sounds fantastic. In fact it has so many overtones of summer that it is hard not to like it.

Among the great songs on the album is “Long Fall” which serves as the introduction to the album. While normal introductions are good, this one is stunning. It is an instrumental at its core with an amazing, enticing piano in the background drawing you into the album. This track is perfect.

The most surprising track on the album is “Forgive Me”, which by title alone threatens to be staggeringly cliché and not worth the listen. It is well worth the listen. Though the subject matter is cliché, the simple sound of the song draws you in and forces your head to nod with the steady beat. The lyrics are surprisingly fresh.

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Comments (6)

    • I’ve been a fan of Jars of Clay since their first album. I STILL believe “Who We Are Instead” is their best album and was highly underrated. “Good Monsters” was an excellent effort, but I might go as far as to say that “The Long Fall Back To Earth” has bumped that album to #3 in my mind. Great stuff. Love it.

      Posted on March 18, 2009 at 2:58 pm by C. E. Moore
    • I believe this album rivals their first in terms of brilliance,although a hard task to do. They set the bar so high for themselves with the their first, plus at the time there was not another christian band sound like theirs. Now, as the above writer mentions there are many copy-cats. Even still, when I first heard about the new album I wasn’t overly optomistic about it being anything news worthy, I too, was wrong! The first album brought tears to my eyes, this one has brought smiles of joy. Maybe not since America’s Homecoming album have I felt that feeling like I did with this new album of Jars. Definitely, a must buy. I look for this album to surpass all of their previous albums in sales. Almost every song could be a top radio hit if promoted correctly. I even expect a couple of songs to crossover into alternative rock.

      Posted on March 23, 2009 at 2:58 pm by monty
    • I was a big fan of their last album, Good Monsters, definitely my favorite from them. I’m not too impressed with what most of I’ve heard from it so far. Two Hands has a good concept, but comes across as trite and forced. Closer has somewhat silly lyrics and I don’t like the sound that much. Heaven is better than the aforementioned two but still not that great. Nothing comes close to Work or Oh My God so far for me.

      Still, I really hope the album as a whole is better, because I loved Good Monsters. I’ve heard Safe to Land from the EP, it’s good. I hope the three songs I mentioned above are the weaker ones on the album.

      Posted on March 24, 2009 at 10:35 am by Joel J
    • OK. I give Jars credit for stretching their musical template. But come on, I could hit shuffle on the alternative tab on iTunes and come up with the same experimental pop as they deliver here.

      Unless you personally can sing along to the chorus of Hero (and hit that note), I’m not buying this.

      Posted on April 21, 2009 at 6:23 am by Leonard
    • This is a great album. The first time i listened through it i wasnt blown away but as with a lot of jars of clay stuff the more you listen to it the more amazing it gets. The musicianship and incredible writing makes each song memorable. It is disapointing that there is no song that compares to Oh My God which i would argue to be one of the most intense songs in christian music. To say they didnt try anything new isnt completely true as they go for a more indie feel in a lot of the songs. I would say this is one of their best complete projects as almost every song is pretty amazing in different ways. Good stuff…

      Posted on April 21, 2009 at 1:15 pm by merk
    • With a decade’s worth of albums – both studio, live and various types of “greatest hits” products – Jars has a lot of material to be compared by. What is impressive is the way the band can reinvent itself by creating a sound for a new CD that is different from the one preceding it. There will always be Dan Haseltine’s voice and lyrics, but they vary between straight rock, alternative rock with forays into near folk and synth rock thrown in. “Long Fall Back to Earth” has an 80s synth rock feel to it, but it works brilliantly with several tracks I’m playing over and over again – among them “Safe to Land” and “Boys (Lesson One).” A very good result from a spectacularly consistent band.

      Posted on May 1, 2009 at 4:51 pm by Thomas J